About Liprotek

Liprotek is a durable soft plastic lip guard developed by Charlie Stewart, a saxophonist and engineer, to help prevent lip pain from long practice sessions or gigs. Liprotek is a cheap, reusable lip guard that shapes to your teeth, providing a thin comfortable barrier between your teeth and your lower lip in order to ease pain and extend your playing time.

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How it works

Soften Liprotek by immersing it in hot water (150-160 degrees F) until it becomes clear. Once clear, remove from water and mold over bottom teeth, thinning it out as you go. Remove carefully and allow to cool until Liprotek turns white again.

Liprotek is very durable, but is also reusable! If bitten through, Liprotek can be softened and reformed as many times as you like using the same method.

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