In The Beginning...

Like countless others, Charlie picked up playing the saxophone in high school, and quickly found himself practicing and performing for long hours. As any woodwind player knows, long play times often result in a sore lower lip, especially for saxophone and clarinet players. Charlie experimented with Ezo, cigarette paper, and other "home remedies" for easing lip pain, but none of these solutions were ideal.

Enter Liprotek

As Charlie started gigging more and more professionally, he realized he needed a more permanent and portable solution to easing lip pain during long gigs. Using his engineering degree and with a little ingenuity, he came up with a thin biomedical-grade thermoplastic that could be molded onto someone's bottom teeth to form a perfect reusable lip guard. Today, he still uses the first Liprotek he ever created, and has helped countless other woodwind players to extend their playing time by cushioning their lower lip with Liprotek.

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